This contact contains Terms and Conditions that you must follow if you want to receive SUN TV Network Europe Ltd.(referred as “we”, “us” or “our”) services. You can contact us at Unit 7&8c Kingston House Estate, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5QG, Phone +44(0)208 33 56789.


a. Address means your residential address shown on the front of the Contract.

b. Channel means any/all channels which are part of our Programme Package. This covers Sun TV and any other channels that we may include in future.

c. Contract means the contract between you and us to receive our Service. It will be any written or oral contract entered into with us for subscription.

d. Decoder/Digibox means an authorised satellite decoder using our encryption system.

e. Minimum Term means twelve months following the date of the Contract.

f. Programme means any programme which we may broadcast on a Channel.

g. Options/Package means any of options offered by us in the front page or any channel options we may offer in the future.

h. Service means the transmission of the Option/Package for private viewing at the above address, or any Option/Package that you may take in future.

i. Subscription Payments means the money you must pay us to provide the Service.

j. Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions contained in this Contract.

k. Viewing Card means the card which, when inserted into the Decoder, will allow you to receive the Services.


a. Your subscription payment must be made in advance, without any deductions, by the method chosen in your contract. Your viewing cards will be sent to you after receipt of the payment. This date will be taken as the day on which we have activated the Service.

b. We can charge a reasonable administration fee if you want to change your chosen Option and we allow this, unless we cause to change.

c. We will accept Monthly/Quarterly/Annual payments. After the period of one year, we may consider accepting monthly instalments.

   1. In such cases, you must pay us Subscription Payments every month in advance by the method chosen in your Contract.

   2. For both Direct Debit and Credit Card options we will automatically collect the amount due from your account each month.

   3. We may refuse your application for monthly payment subscription based on the results of an assessment of your credit standing using credit scoring. We may from time to time also use credit scoring to assess your credit scoring to assess your credit standing during your subscription; we will apply reasonable practices for administering your account based on the result of that scoring, including, if we believe it is reasonable, applying different payment terms to your account. We may use information from, and supply information to, outside agencies for the credit scoring.

d. We may change your Subscription Payment at any time by giving you at least one month’s notice.

e. Subscription Payment will change if you change your Option and you will immediately pay the current price of the new Option.

f. We may also change your subscription payment if required by law or if any regulatory authority requests a change to any aspect of our pricing which affects your Subscription Payment directly or our pricing structure generally.

g. You must allow us to alter your direct debit or credit card instruction if your Subscription Payment changes for any reason.


a. We may encrypt or unencrypt any Programme or Channel. We can replace or withdraw any advertised Programme to be broadcast on any Channel, and change or reduce the number of hours that we broadcast any Channel.

b. Suntv Network Europe LTD can replace or remove any channels at any point of time.

c. If you decide to accept additional channels that we offer, they will be included in the Service. We will confirm to you how your Subscription Payment will change.

d. We shall also have the right to replace or withdraw any advertised programmes at any time.


a. Following subscription to the Service we will send you a Viewing Card to unlock (unencrypt) the Service. Having a Viewing Card does not necessarily mean that you have a right to receive the Service.

b. The Viewing Card belongs to us and you must return it should we require you to do so, after this contract comes to an end, or if we send you a replacement.

c. The Viewing Card should be given to anyone else, tamper with it or use it for anything we do not authorize.

d. You may only use the Viewing Card at your Address for private viewing purposes, and with the Decoder in which it is first used to receive the Services.

e. You must not use it in a hotel, motel, pub or other licenses premises or in any club or similar place. You may only receive to Service via one Digibox under this Contract.

f. In order to receive uninterrupted Service the Viewing Card must be kept in your Decoder which you will need to keep connected to a mains supply and suitable satellite dish and in standby mode when not in use. You must also allow us to update the software in your Decoder by sending signals via satellite to your Decoder. At all times the software in the Decoder belongs to us.

g. In order to enable us to administer the satellite system efficiently we may disclose your name, Address and the Services you receive via the Viewing Card to third parties.

h. We may invalidate the viewing cards if any of the conditions of the Contract are not adhered to, or we believe it is otherwise reasonable for us to do so.

i. From time to time, for reasons of security we will replace your Viewing Card. We will attempt to send you a replacement Viewing Card before making the old one invalid.

j. If your Viewing Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must notify us immediately by either phone(+44 208 3356780) or writing(3 South Bank, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0UD,United Kingdom). We can charge you the cost of replacing your Viewing Card if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

k. You must also notify us if your Viewing Card does not work. If you return the Viewing Card to us we will inspect it. If the Viewing Card had a defect when we first sent it to you, we will replace it free of charge. If the Viewing Card has been damaged in any other way or you do not return the faulty Viewing Card to us we may charge you for the cost of replacing it.

l. You must not charge anyone for watching the Channels or any programme shown on any of the Channels, and you must not show any Channels in public, even if no charge is made.

m. You must not copy (except for private and domestic use) redistribute or relay any programme.

n. We may remotely disable or alter certain functions of your Decoder to prevent you copying any Programme, and prevent you from receiving the Service if your Decoder allows copying of any Programme which we are contractually bound to protect.


We will not be liable for:

a. any fault in a Decoder or other receiving equipment you use.

b. Maintaining, replacing or adjusting any digibox or satellite dish and these are matters of your responsibility.

c. any weather, local electrical interference and atmospheric conditions.

d. any fault in your Viewing Card caused by your failure to follow our instructions, you tampering with it, or by your negligence.

e. use of a Viewing Card with any decoding equipment not authorised by us.

f. any failure to provide the Service caused by events outside our reasonable control, in particular the failure of satellite equipment which we do not own or administer.

g. any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents in circumstances where is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by us or by any of our employees or agents, such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach or any increase in loss or damage results from breach by you or any of the Terms and Conditions, and the ending of this Contract under Clause 9 below.


a. We may not change Clauses 3 and 6 above or this Clause 7 except for security, legal or regulatory reasons.

b. We may not change or add any other Terms or Conditions into this Contract unless it is reasonable to do so.

c. We will give you at least one month’s notice of any changes or additions.


a. We can transfer our rights and obligations under this Contract to any company, firm or person provided this does not materially affect your rights.

b. You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this Contract.


a. Unless we breach the contract(excluding reasons listed in the liability clause), this contract will remain in force for at least the Minimum Term, and it will continue after this time unless it ended.

b. during the Minimum Term if you acquire the right of cancellation under Clause 4 above, or

c. after the Minimum Term for any reason by giving us one month’s notice.

d. In the event of your cancellation during the Minimum Term, you will remain liable to pay us all payments that would have been due for the remainder of the Minimum Term. You may also be liable to refund us the amounts subsidised for your subscription offer/promo/offer price and pay us back the difference between the full rate and subsidised rate as well as refund costs borne by us for your equipment and installation, if any. We shall also not refund any subscription or other payments made by you. You shall be liable to pay the above amounts to us within 14 days of your cancellation.

e. Subject to the below conditions, we will not terminate the contract. We may end the Contract at any time (including during the Minimum Term) if you break any of the Terms and Conditions by Giving you seven days written notice, or after the Minimum Term by giving you one month’s notice.

f. If you or we end this Contract, we will make your Viewing Card invalid and you will not be entitled to receive the Service.

g. We will not refund Subscription Payments or other payments made under this Contract if we end the Contract because you have broken the Terms and Conditions.


We will not be liable for any default due to any circumstance beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to Acts of God, war, civil unrest,, riot, strike, lockout, acts of civil or military Authorities, fire, flood, earthquake or shortage of supply or failure to deliver the supplies of the Supplier


a. We can transfer our rights or obligations under this Contract to any company, firm or person.

b. We can only do this if it does not affect your rights under this Contract. You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this Contract to anyone else.


All notices required under this Contract from you to us or vice versa must be in writing and sent by pre-paid post.


This Contract is governed by English Law. Any disputes can be dealt with by the courts in England and Wales or any other United Kingdom court that could lawfully deal with the case under the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982.


Direct Debit will be applicable till this subscription contract lasts, unless we are allowed to end the contract earlier. This contract is last for a minimum period of twelve month(the minimum term) From the first date we enable your box to receive the service (usually when your viewing card is first inserted in to your box) you will be charged for the service from this date.