• Q.How can i watch Sun Network Channels?
    A.Sun Network channels can be viewed through Euro Bird 9 satellite (9°E), and a connected Suntv MPEG-4 Digital Receiver with 3-pin Digital and component outputs.
  • Q.Where can i buy the Satellite Dish and Sun TV Receiver Boxes to view your channels?
    A.Sun Networks have authorised installers throughout the UK and installation can be done on a one off fee. Sun Receiver box and smart cards will be sent directly when you subscribe to one of our packages.
  • Q.How many channels can subscribe with your Network? What are all the extra channels we canget from your Receiver Box?
    A.We are providing totally 6 channels in Euro Bird 9, namely Sun TV, KTV, Sun Music, Aditya, Surya and Gemini, other free to air channels which is telecasting via Euro Bird 9.
  • Q.What is the quality of channels in UK and EU?
    A.MPEG-4, which is equal to HD
  • Q.What are all the countries it'll cover or Coverage for Euro Bird 9?
    A.Euro Bird 9 will cover UK, Europe, North Africa and Middle East
  • Q.What is the time delay for your telecast?
    A.Sun TV channels are telecasting according to EU time in 4 ½ Hrs time delays, which is recorded and re-telecasting same day program from India.
  • Q.How to subscribe with Sun TV in UK and EU?
    A.UK customers could contact directly to Suntv sales team on +44(0)2083356789, EU customers contact our authorised agents and representatives from their country, can find their details on our home page.
  • Q.How we can pay the subscription amount?
    A.Customers can pay by Bank Debit/Credit Card online or over the telephone calling to our head office in UK, Customers also have the option to pay by cheque and bank deposit. Europe customers can pay to their respective Local Agents.
  • Q.Is there any contract period for Sun TV subscription?
    A.Yes, Standard 12 Months Contract
  • Q.Can we use other network cards in Sun TV Decoder?
    A.No, MPEG 4 Sun Direct Decoders specially made for Sun TV Customers. Subscription Card & Box are paired so you can’t use it for any other network.
  • Q.How long will take for Installation process?
    A.All Installations can be done within a week time from the date of processing the order.
  • Q.Is there any special requirements for Flat?
    A.We can do the Flat Installation but Customer should get the permission from Flat Landlord or Local Council.
  • Q.Can I connect 2 televisions in my house?
    A.Yes, you can connect it via extension cable. For more details contact your local Installer or respective offices.
  • Q.What happens if there is any Installation or Signal problem?
    A.Sun TV Would not responsible for No signal or Poor Signal arising out of bad weather or strong winds etc. In case of Customer required Installer to come and attend any issues in respect of No Signal problem, the same can be done if Installer’s call out charges is paid.
  • Q.How to advertise our products via Suntv?
    A.You can advertise all types of your products through our channels, T&C apply
  • Q.How we make a complaint about programs or service?
    A.Your feed back is important to us and Customers can make a complaint via Email at suntv@suntvuk.com or click the link on the contact us page.

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